Would you like to find hidden cash? Are you tired of paying a premium for a death benefit policy that your heirs may never see as 90% of policies typically lapse before maturity? Are you having a difficult time meeting all your current expenses?

If that's a yes then look no further.

With our free and secured Life Insurance Value Calculator, you can find out the true value of your death benefit policy by getting an instant and secure estimate of what your policy is worth!

The Life Insurance Dr team has brought over $6 billion of death benefit policies to the market over the past 12 years.

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How? By accessing the full buying market for policies of interest vs. going to a limited number of selected buyers. Life insurance policies are difficult to understand and often contain hidden cash that insurance companies don’t want you to find.

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But here at Life Insurance Dr, we strive to simplify the life settlement process with a transparent, fast, and easy method of getting the most value out of your policy. Beginning with a free and secured estimation of the value of your policy, generated for you in less than 10 seconds.

We are not direct buyers. We operate as brokers so our interests align perfectly with clients in order to get top dollar payouts.


Policy Payout Comparisons

Check out some of the policy payouts that we have generated for past clients!

Scenario 1

Gender: Female

Age: 84

Health Status: Poor Health

Death Benefit Payout: $2,000,000

Annual Premiums: $70,000





Scenario 2

Gender: Male

Age: 80

Health Status: Healthy

Death Benefit Payout: $500,000

Annual Premiums: $10,000





Scenario 3

Gender: Female

Age: 80

Health Status: Poor Health

Death Benefit Payout: $750,000

Annual Premiums: $30,000





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I have helped clients generate over $10MM of cash and tax benefits in the past 12 months utilizing my “True Value” Life Insurance Review Process. Clients need advocates for their life insurance portfolios to both bring them needed information regarding their rights and values as well as uncovering hidden problems and resolving them. Life insurance is a complicated contract with many nuances most clients and advisors are not aware of. It is gratifying to be in a position to help such clients and enable them to meet their family and legacy goals through my work. My passion is philanthropy. There is a great need for education and guidance for high net worth clients who wish to align their life goals with their hard-earned wealth to enable them to understand the “Why” component of their planning. My objectives are to collaborate with clients and my strategic relationships to produce the best results for them, financially, and philanthropically.

David Kottler J.D.

Principal, D.A.K. Strategic Solutions L.L.C.

Meet The Team

Geoff is the Managing Director at Genesis. Geoff is responsible to ensure that the best opportunity is procured on every case brought to market and uses his extensive leveraging strategies to assure that goal is accomplished. Through his knowledge of market capital, his outside the box approach and stellar relationships with funding managers, Geoff has been able to obtain offers and close some of the hardest cases in the industry, cases even Provider’s believed were not feasible. While making sure each client is treated like the only client, Geoff is expanding Genesis’s growth. Geoff assists financial and legal professionals on both becoming more aware of life settlements and how to implement life settlements into their practice.

Geoffrey Gottesman

Managing Director of Genesis Life Asset Advisors, LLC

Philip L. Schwartz is a partner at the Law Offices of Schwartz | White who has dedicated his decades-long career to creating family law and divorce strategies and solutions. He strives to achieve the best possible results for each client based upon their specific needs. To accomplish this goal, Phil encourages his clients to participate fully in the strategy, preparation, and execution of their cases, while helping them make informed decisions to achieve their desired outcomes. Phil’s extensive experience and background in areas such as negotiating, drafting and litigating contracts and agreements and in many other areas of the law makes his experience invaluable in practicing family law. His years of practice and comfort in the courtroom make him a staunch advocate for his clients and a fierce opponent in the litigation arena. Most importantly, however, is Phil’s utmost concern for his clients and confidence in his ability to represent them. This makes for a formidable combination that Phil employs to help his clients achieve their goals, both short and long term.

Philip L. Schwartz, Esq.

Founder and Partner at Schwartz-White, Attorneys at Law

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